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Sensual Energy Alchemy

Coaching for women who are ready to tap into their feminine power and create lives filled with more pleasure, play and ease


 Feminine power is not just about our ability to nurture or our softness.

And it's not just about sex.


Feminine power is also the warrior, the wise woman, and the wealth builder. 

When we find the balance in all of our aspects we create lives filled with more pleasure, more play, and more ease.

This balance allows us to create satisfying lives, from the boardroom to the bedroom, with increased wealth and love in our lives.

And yes, also better sex. 

This is the essence of Sensual Energy Alchemy. 

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Maisha is a Sensual Energy Alchemist who creates space for women to feel into their unique feminine energy so they can create lives filled with more pleasure, play, and ease. 

She is trained in several healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Chakra healing, Belief Clearing, and several modalities of Sacred Sexuality. 

Maisha has also studied psychology and feminine energetics for over a decade. 

Her work centers around assisting women in living their most authentic, sensual life through more balanced, feminine energy.