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Sensual Energy Alchemy

This is the start of your journey into coming home to yourself through

Reconnection with your body
Free sensual expression
Deeper communication with your lovers
More fulfilled desires
Creating a life that feels orgasmic


Sis - you're not here to be a martyr. And being of service doesn't mean you ignore your needs and desires. You've spent enough time being the strong Woman, putting your needs to the side and putting family, friends, and work first. You've spent enough years feeling tired and overwhelmed - running from one project to the next. 

It's time for you to stop putting yourself last on the list.

Do you know your life is meant to be filled with pleasure, great sex, and joy? It doesn't mean there isn't pain or difficult times, but when you create a foundation where you are clear on your boundaries and desires, combined with a great self-pleasure practice, you can grow through those moments with greater ease and love. 

Connect with me and let’s discuss what this kind of life can look like for you. 

EMBODIMENT: Free event for Women
Saturday June 4th 
1:00 pm est

EMBODIMENT is an opportunity to see what it's like to work with me. This is a sensual experience that involves sound, your sensual touch, and a meditation journey. 



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Arouse Your Pleasure

Arouse your Pleasure is a free online event for Women. Each day you'll receive an email prompt with a question around pleasure in your life. Like....
Is there pleasure in my life? Can I feel it?

This is the foreplay leading up to 30 Days of Self Pleasure - 30 days of incorporating pleasure into your life. 

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Welcome Home!

My name is Maisha and once upon a time I was shut down sensually. Years of depression, a suicide attempt, and an unhealthy marriage left me feeling empty. I had 5 children to take care of and I was last on the list...if I was even on the list at all. My body and mind were in survival mode and all I knew was sacrifice and work-grind-hustle hard. 

There was very little internal pleasure in my life. My communication skills with my husband were piss poor and filled with passive-aggressiveness. I didn't understand boundaries at all. Any pleasure I felt came from my beautiful children or helping others. Like many women and mothers I thought pleasure just for me was selfish. 


My journey over the past 10 years has been beautiful and filled with joy, pain, and discovery, and has brought me into the fullness of my most sensual, open, authentic self (and still expanding). I reconnected with my body and felt into the pleasure it offered me. I found my voice. I learned boundaries and found freedom. My intimate relationships shifted into bliss. I left toxic spaces. I stepped into my internal Power. And now I'm experiencing my life in the most beautifully orgasmic way. 

This is what is possible for you.

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