Sensual Energy Alchemy

Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magic 

Come play with me and find your Self 

I’m a catalyst....a change agent....a nurturer....a seer....


I’m here to show you how to find yourself. And who you are (or who you think you are) shows up in your bedroom. It shows up in how you make love, how you f*ck, how you kiss and touch your lover.

If you want to get to know yourself - get to know your sex life. 

Of course, sex and money are closely related. 

If you wanted to know how your money is flowing - get to know your sex life. 

The truth is - if you don’t know who YOU are and if you're not aware of your power, 

how can you create the life you desire? 

This is a birthing process - and birth is often uncomfortable....painful even.

It is in that darkness that you give birth to the truth of who you are.

And it is within the expansion of living as an Orgasmic Soul where you'll find hot, passionate, orgasmic sex,

unlimited wealth, and love that refuels and ignites your soul. 

Can you feel your body respond to these words? The knowing within you that says “Yes..I want more. Yes...I desire pleasure. Yes...to the arousal and expansion of my life....Yes to knowing ME.”

If  you’re ready to play and uncover your Self, click here to schedule a call with me.

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Devi Maisha is a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality teacher who specializes in showing men and women how to take their sex lives higher, release their trauma and shame around sex, create better relationships, and transform their lives into abundance and ecstasy through the use of Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magic. She is a former certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who combines her knowledge and study in the areas of psychology, tantra, and sacred sexuality with her training in energy work to facilitate inner healing and better sex for her clients. Maisha has studied Reiki, Chakra Healing and LifeForce Energy Healing, Active and Shamanic Tantra, and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.

"I enjoyed speaking with Maisha very much. She took the time to listen and understand the issues I was having, and helped me come up with solutions. Her kindness and care during our sessions always made me look forward to our next session. While we worked together, she helped me uncover deep fears that were holding me back. She showed me that the patterns I was holding on to did not have to take such a big place in my life, and she helped me understand that I didn't need to hold on to those fears. As a result of her insight and help I was able to move forward, and I no longer live in the space of fear that was holding me back."

Violet Moon
Creator & Founder


You have pulled me up from a low vibrational being. Through your posts I have become more aware of my power and strength. I am motivated to increase my energy and shift my mindset. (R. Phoenix)

"I just wanted to let you know that your posts, videos, shares, etc., have helped me tremendously. Your work and philosophies, for me at least, go way beyond the sensual/sexual realm. Your shares have deepened my introspection on such an intense level that I cannot even share it all in one message. My views and relationships with all people in my life have improved...not only women. All I really have to say is thank you." (Mr. L. Rivera)

"I have never done a chakra reading before, but I was SO excited to work Maisha. Not only is she a genuine person with such a pure energy, she is an expert in her field. I was so blown away with how detailed and accurate her reading was, that I couldn’t stop talking about it for a week! I felt such clarity after our reading. She is someone who is filled with passion about spirituality and about the empowerment of women. If you are looking to work with someone who truly cares about YOU, you need to work with Maisha. I promise you, you will be blown away with clarity."

Nikki Pebbles
Chief Executive Red Head