30 Days of Self Pleasure!

30 days....30 ways to play

Welcome - your pleasure exploration begins here....

Oh this is about so much more than masturb@tion and the Big Climax. This is about shifting your life and owning your power. 

Pleasure is a doorway to more....
More wealth
More love
and yes....more org@sms

30 Days of Self Pleasure can take you places your body has desired and your mind has imagined. 

But you don't just stroke the kitty and get there. Pleasure is also about growth, responsibility, and brutal honesty. Pleasure requires you to know yourself in and out. 

Because when you take responsibility for your own pleasure your energy shifts. You become even more magnetic and receptive. Your glow starts inside of you and radiates outward. Your confidence grows and your clarity becomes sharp. 

When you own your pleasure no relationship, friendship, job, or family member can take you off your Pleasure Throne. No one can take it from you or give it to you.

And you become much more discerning of who you share your pleasure with. 

This is about so much more than the 30 second jolt you get with the rose. This is about extending the pleasure so it lasts all day long. 

Come explore you....from head to toe
Learn what quickens your breath
Discover the spaces within you that respond to each of your senses
Arouse your own pleasure

How many ways can you play? 



30 Days of Self Pleasure includes 31 videos, each guiding you through a method of self pleasure, along with other exploration to bring more awareness to your body, mind, and spirit. 

With your one-time payment you receive ongoing access to the videos as long as you are a member of The Temple of Sensual Energy Alchemy. Once you complete the 30 days you're welcome to go back and revisit your favorite videos, or start all over from the beginning. 

If you decide not to become a member you'll have access to the videos for 65 days from the day you sign up. 

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I'll see you there.


There are no refunds for any digital products or coaching

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