Orgasmic Alchemy for Women

Begins May 6th, 2019

Learn how to use your sexual energy and orgasmic pleasure to create a life

you want to make love to

Orgasmic Alchemy is 5 weeks of orgasms, pleasure and creation. During our time together I will guide you through using your orgasmic energy as the rocket fuel behind your deepest desires. 

This course involves self-pleasure (masturbation), so come prepared to touch, stroke, moan, and climax as you go through this course. The program includes 5 live group coaching calls and membership to the Orgasmic Alchemy Facebook Group. Here is the curriculum:

Week 1

Sex and Spirit

Your Yoni Personality

In this first module we will set you free from outdated ideas about what it means to be your full sensual self. You'll release the shame around sex and sensuality and step into your Divine Sensual Power. As a bonus you'll get to discover your Yoni Personality.


Week 2

Breath and Orgasm

Meditative Penetration 

Module 2 is the prep work for receiving all that you are creating. You'll learn a variety of ways to meditate and choose the method that works best for you. You'll also experience orgasmic breath work  - a way to have an orgasm using only your breath - a useful tool for all occasions.

Week 3

Juicy Affirmations

Lush desires

What does your heart want? What does it crave? Module 3 is where you create the most arousing and potent affirmations possible. Here's where the magic really begins!

Week 4

Sensual power

Feminine magic

How does orgasmic magic work? What makes it work? In Module 4  you'll learn about the science behind sex magic and how to give it rocket fuel. You'll also explore your body and fall in love with yourself in a deeper, more intimate way. And you'll play in ways that bring out your Inner Sex Goddess with full joy and pleasure. 

Week 5

Sensual Energy Alchemy 

You'll choose an affirmation (or 2...or 3) and put it all together. The breath work....the meditation....the juicy pleasure. Here's where you see how magical you truly are and how you can create your life using your orgasmic power.

There are two ways to play in Orgasmic Alchemy

1) The Sisterhood of Pleasure - imagine yourself surrounded by sensual women who are ready to receive all of the pleasure, bliss, and juiciness life has to offer. See yourself in a sacred and safe container as you seduce yourself into shedding the layers of self that do not belong to you, and watch as your powerful erotic self emerges with the support of your new Sisterhood. You'll join us during our live calls and play with us in the Orgasmic Alchemy Facebook Group, and have access to these delicious bonuses: 


*1 month free in VOICES ($50 value)*

VOICES (Voicing Our Integrity Choices and Expectations Successfully) is a virtual circle for women hosted by Tresa Simmons, founder and CEO of The Womb Space: Healing Nature's Way. This circle, also known as a womb or birthing circle, is a place where life is created. Each month there are two circles featuring a guest speaker who will strengthen and empower The Divine Feminine as our intuition, self-love, self-awareness, and self-trust become our superpowers. You can learn more about voices by clicking here.

*The Art of Oral Love Making Lingam massage class*

This 60-minute class is not just about oral sex. This class is about showing women how they can heal their men (and themselves) through the beautiful act of fellatio. You'll learn how to connect a man's penis to his heart, and swallow with grace. 

*Shadow Self Integration Meditation*

A meditation designed to help you accept the parts of yourself you believe are unlovable. Through this meditation you will see and feel the beauty in ALL of you.

One payment of $111

Pay in full bonus: an extra week of Orgasmic Alchemy!

Pre-work will start April 29th. That's 6 weeks altogether!



3 payments of $37

3 Payments to be deducted automatically monthly




2) Orgasmic Alchemy Coven - an additional VIP group, for the Women who are ready to dive deeper, get wetter, and create the fuck out of their lives. You'll receive a membership into the Orgasmic Alchemy Coven Facebook group which includes group altar work, more in-depth info on sex magic and alchemy, a behind-the-scenes look at the journaling process I've used to transform my life, and more. You get all of the bonuses from the Sisterhood of Pleasure plus...

*(2) 60-minute One-On-One private sessions with me (includes intuitive reading)*

One payment of $333

Pay-In-Full Bonus: an extra week of Orgasmic Alchemy! 

Pre-work will start April 29th. That's 6 weeks altogether!




3 payments of $111 

3 Payments to be deducted automatically monthly



The time to join is now. Using the powerful tools in this program you will be fully equipped to create the love, wealth, and friendships​ you desire....and more! 

Enrollment closes April 27th and doors won't open again until 2020.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Orgasmic Alchemy, including the refund and payment policies here.