The Sensual Energy Coven is a magickal online community for women who are ready to live Orgasmically from their Soul's Desires. Here you will find spell work, sex magic, sacred sexuality, polyamory, BDSM/Kink, and more!

To join the coven reach out to me via social media or send an email here

Orgasmic Sovereignty is all about you stepping into your orgasmic, Feminine power. When I thought of what this coven would feel like, what came to mind was power, lust, chocolate, wine, and sex. This coven to me feels like women dancing nude and singing in the moonlight. It feels like a mother wolf protecting her pack. It feels decadent, luxurious, and wealthy. This coven is is lust...and it is here for you to play and embody your sensuality, power, beautiful light and chaotic darkness. 

Doors open again Spring 2021

Welcome to Soulstice Alchemy: a 40 day journey into your soul's desires. 
We will spend 40 days together working with the magic of your soul and the moon. You will release and clear what has been holding you back and make space to bring in what you desire. 


Our full moon magic will include:

*Mapping out your true desires
*Connecting with yourself and your intuition
*Harnessing the energy for your releasing, and manifesting
*Getting clear on what you REALLY want

During the new moon and as the moon begins to wax we will focus on:

*Creating new behaviors and thought patterns

You will receive journal writing prompts that center around Finances, Health, Love, And your soul's purpose/path/career

As the moon wanes we'll work on releasing and clearing old habits/thoughts/beliefs that no longer serve us, and forgiveness.

We'll flow through the Winter Solstice and utilize that energy to further clear the wounds that keep us trapped in outdated programming.


Doors open in December

Private Coaching

Private Coaching for men and women is for 6 or 9 months and consists of bi-weekly and monthly sessions 

Clients come to me looking to enhance their sex life, connect with their partners on a deeper level, heal trauma in their lives, and increase their abundance. 

Spaces are limited and connection calls are required for consideration. 

Click here to set up your complimentary connection call.