Reveal: an Introduction to Your Feminine Power

Why Reveal? Because it's time for you to release the shame around your sensuality and sexuality.

It's time for you to release the idea of "hustle and grind" and go-go-go and accept pleasure as a way to create and fuel your desires.


It's time for you to see and know your Feminine Power is valid. That you aren't "crazy" or "too much" or "extra" or "too emotional".


It's time for you to honor your intuition and inner knowing. 


And it's time for you to know that next time someone asks what you bring to the table the ONLY answer is "I am the Table". Because Masculine Energy cannot do what it needs to do without the Feminine. 

But you must hold your power responsibly. 



Reveal is an Introduction into Your Feminine Power and consists of 6 modules + 6 weekly coaching sessions:

Week 1 - Ideas and thoughts around feminine energy, sex, and pleasure

Week 2 - Your Anatomy/Different types of orgasms

Week 3 - History of Feminine worship

Week 4 - Chakras, Energy, and Sex

Week 5 - Sex Magic

Week 6 - Integration

Plus 2 bonus coaching sessions
Coaching takes place on Tuesdays at 7pm ET. Sessions
last 60-90 minutes.  

You will also receive a copy of my e-book: Reveal - How to tap into your feminine power so you can create a life filled with pleasure, play and ease

This e-book has over 10 activities that will assist you in your journey

You will be given exercises and assignments as we work through each week. 

You MUST be willing to show up fully - to every session.

Reveal is $1297. Payment plans are available. 
Once you're in you will have lifetime access to the modules. 

How you approach this program will show how you feel about your Feminine Power. 

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