My beautiful Women and Men.....I know you're tired of putting your heart out there and not getting back what you put out. You want a partner who respects you, understands you, and loves you. You want to be seen for Woman/Man you are. For the Women: You feel overwhelmed. Your man doesn't "hear" you and you're tired of trying. You haven't been able to find a lover who understands you. You live in your head and "think' far too much. Your best sex is with a battery powered lover. Or you barely have sex with your real, live man. For the Men: You feel under attack. Your women doesn't get it - she doesn't understand when you try to express yourself to her. Your sex life is boring and predictable. You're looking for that Queen but you keep finding empty women. You want peace in your home and you just don't know what to do to get it. Whether you're a man or a woman we all want the same things: to be loved, understood, and heard. We want to feel a connection to our lover. We want successful lives with passion and great sex. My coaching for women is designed to help a woman connect with her Inner Sex Goddess and bring out the sensual, sexy, confident woman she was meant to be.My coaching for men is formulated to help a man discover his Inner Warrior and bring out the successful, driven, attractive man he knows he is. My coaching is for couples who want to re-ignite their passion and sizzle, and reconnect on a deeper, soul level. You'll discover and uncover your pleasure centers. Your sex life will become ecstatic. You'll get out of your head and into your body and your heart. You'll find and create orgasmic bliss in all areas of your life. Your life will go from black and white, to vivid technicolor. Be warned: my coaching is not for everyone. If you're not ready to dig deep and uncover your true self please exit out of this page. If you prefer 'regular sex' at specified intervals my coaching damn sure isn't for you. If you're afraid to reach, to soar, to open yourself up to pleasure beyond your wildest should just leave me right now....cause this ain't for you. BUT.....if you're ready to live free.....if you're ready to shake loose from old ideas that are holding you back from your desires.....if you're ready to heed the call of your Spirit that says "GIVE ME MORE. I DESERVE MORE".....then you're ready to work with me.