Sensual Tantric Touch 

Sensual Tantric Touch sessions are individually designed to allow you a safe space to release what may be holding you back from the passion, success and love you desire.  You will receive affirmations as my hands guide the messages into your body with a soft, loving, sensual touch. Together we will integrate your body, mind, and spirit, which will allow for more clarity and greater freedom in your life. Your session includes the following:


 ~Sensual Tantric Touch to release tension and trauma from your body (includes a specialized blend of essential oils tailored for your specific needs)~

~Chakra healing and balancing~

~Breath work to revitalize your cells~

~Lingam or Yoni Activation~

~Follow-up coaching sessions to continue the integration of you new energy~


Benefits  of sessions with me include: 

Increased longevity during sex

Magnetic sexual energy

Deeper connection with yourself and lover

Decreased emotional and physical stress

Release from sexual trauma and shame

Greater joy and capacity for love

Other benefits include:

For men

Semen retention for long life and greater vitality

Better communication with women

For women

Increased sexual desire

Better communication with men

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