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I'm inviting you to the sexiest, most fun way to create abundance in all areas of your life. Here's the catch: you must commit to 40 days. 

40 days to change your life
40 days to change your mindset
40 days to create a new way of seeing your life
40 days to a new level of freedom

Soulstice Alchemy: a 40 day journey into your soul's desires. 

We will spend 40 days together working with the magic of the moon. You will release and clear what has been holding you back and make space to bring in what you desire.

To participate you will need a journal. I also encourage you to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your body hydrated and energized, as we're going to do a lot of energy work.

We start on Saturday, December 22nd, which also happens to be the time of the Winter Solstice. Our full moon magic will include:  

  • Mapping out your true desires

  • Connecting with yourself and your intuition

  • Harnessing the energy for your releasing, and manifesting

  • Getting clear on what you REALLY want


You will receive journal writing prompts that center around 

  • finances

  • health

  • love

  • and your soul purpose/path/career


While the moon is waning, and going into the new moon on January 5th, we'll work on releasing and clearing old habits/thoughts/beliefs that no longer serve us. 

As the moon begins to wax, and going into the full moon on January 21st, we will focus on:

  • Desires

  • Creating new behaviors and thought patterns

  • Forgiveness

  • Pleasure


During the 40 days you will receive one email per week with a mantra and playwork for that week. You'll also be invited to join our Facebook group where you'll have an opportunity to work with me and ask me questions. During the 40 days I will do intuitive readings for the group, and there will also be messages, and live streams just for you. 

So now you're wondering "well what's the investment?" 

$22.11 for the program. That's it. And here's why....

Time is the biggest investment. Are you ready to spend the TIME getting to know yourself? Are you ready to spend the TIME diving deep into what you really desire? Are you ready to spend the TIME creating and manifesting the life you want?

$22.11....that's doable. 40 days of focusing on creating your life...that's the tricky part. 

I know you're ready - let's do this. Registration ends December 21st.

Click here to get started. 



There are no refunds on digital products or online classes/workshops/events. 

Soulstice Alchemy is closed until Solstice 2019